New Hampshire Electric Service Areas

New Hampshire is a state that stands by its values. “Live Free or Die” isn't just a hollow saying; it's a motto you live by.

At Ambit, we've got a motto of our own: “Never sacrifice integrity for growth.” It's a principle that defines us. We know our value is measured by our top-notch Customer service, Free Energy program and exceptional product selection — and we wouldn't have it any other way.”

That's why we've teamed with Eversource Energy New Hampshire to offer you power from Berlin to Nashua across the Granite State. See for yourself why Ambit is becoming the energy provider of choice for more Customers in New Hampshire.

Ambit Energy Customers in New Hampshire receive their service from the following energy transmission and distribution companies*:

  • Eversource Energy New Hampshire provides power from Berlin to Nashua County
  • NHEC serves nine of the 10 counties in New Hampshire with electricity and reaches 115 towns and cities.
  • Liberty Utilities provides gas service primarily in the southern part of the state, and electricity in the south and west.
  • Unitil brings electricity to the south central and southeastern regions of the state.

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*Ambit Energy is not associated with and does not represent any transmission and distribution utility.

New Hampshire

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New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
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